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Best practices and methodological guidelines for conducting gas.
11 фев 2018

This document consolidates guidelines, suggestions, and tips for report authoring and design.

Recommendations for Conduct, Methodological. - The EQUATOR.
11 фев 2018

The Methodological Report, the first deliverable of the project, is the cornerstone in building a solid foundation for the three-year activities of the EIO project.

Commentaries on methodological practice Pluralism is not about.
11 фев 2018

Sanders GD, Neumann PJ, Basu A, Brock DW, Feeny D, Krahn M, Kuntz KM, Meltzer DO, Owens DK, Prosser LA, Salomon JA, Sculpher MJ, Trikalinos TA, Russell LB, Siegel JE, Ganiats TG. Some reporting guidelines are also available in languages other than English. We have also translated some of our website pages into other languages: EQUATOR resources in Spanish EQUATOR resources in Portuguese For information about Library scope and content, identification of reporting guidelines and inclusion/exclusion criteria please visit About the Library.

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